Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Peaks, Valleys, and In Between

Well I know it’s been more than a week, but I’m still in my submissive-lull. Nothing terrible, just nothing great you know? I’ve talked back when I shouldn’t have, and even used a disrespectful tone at times. But at least I’m still giving him foot and neck rubs, and still deferring to him with the kids or if I want to spend money on something, that kind of thing. Things could be worse. It’s just that the great feeling that comes when we’re humming along in a respect-begets-love-begets-respect-etc. cycle is absent right now. We’re still intimate more than once a week, but even in that the fire is lacking a bit more than usual. Bruce is also somewhat subdued in the dominance department currently; he’s not tolerating straight up disrespect, but he isn’t on me like he sometimes is. And more significantly, when he does show dominance it is lacking that affectionate edge that is so inspiring and comforting to me. He’s not being unkind by any means, we’ve just both lost the loving/respectful spark for now.

I want us to be in that great reciprocal groove, or even just get into the submissive groove myself as that can be somewhat fulfilling all on it’s own. And I want to give that to Bruce! There are actions I can take to make this happen, so I suppose my focus should go there, right? Right.

Okay, so the main action I will focus on this week is thinking before speaking/reacting. And while I’ve been pretty good about trying to look nice, wear cute underwear, etc. I’m sure I could also find the energy to keep up on the house better and cook a bit more throughout the week. So that’s my secondary focus- a cleaner house when he gets home and dinner cooking more often than the past few weeks.

Wishing all of you submissive wives great submissive vibes and lots of energy. I wish that for myself as well! Sometimes submission is beautiful, sometimes it’s painful, and then sometimes it’s just not in the foreground like it should be at all. We’ll get it back eventually I’m sure. And the above is a good start. I’ll be back with an update on how it’s working. Until then have a great two weeks everyone :)

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