Sunday, November 17, 2019

Someone to Watch Over Me...

Hi all, Happy Sunday. So I’m thinking about how I need to get back into making submissive goals for myself, and this week I decided to try giving a really sincere back rub every night while hearing about his day... he loves back rubs and I give him a bit of one here and there pretty regularly, but rarely is it a two-hands-and-all-eyes-on-you kind of back rub. I think this will convey respect and appreciation nicely.

So where’s my motivation, right? It is so pivotal to motivate oneself, otherwise the thing you know you should do just never gets done. Or at least that’s how I am! Well we decorated for Christmas this weekend, and I know that is so early. I just absolutely love Christmas, and to me no thanksgiving is complete without preparing for and coming home from that family dinner to a house glowing with Christmas lights... in college I would decorate as early as the beginning of November, but when we got married Bruce insisted we must wait until November 15 at the earliest. So upon my request, this weekend we made a huge deal about it officially being Christmastime to our two toddlers, we made Christmas cookies, put little trees in each of their rooms, etc. It was wonderful! And now here I sit, on November 17, sipping wine in our living room that is softly lit by our beautiful tree and garland by the fireplace. And as usual after the kids are in bed this time of year, instrumental Christmas music plays softly in the background, and there is a kind of coziness that is just so fulfilling to me.

Anyway, Chris Botti (famous trumpet player) has a number of Christmas tunes in my 2+ Hour long “Christmas Chill” playlist (I have four different Christmas playlists for many different times and purposes, ha). One of the tunes, perhaps on accident, briefly diverges into Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me,” and I sat and listened, curled up like a contented cat in my little Christmas bubble, I looked over at Bruce absorbed in doing his thing. Not only is he kind about my obsession with Christmastime, but he wholeheartedly got behind our decorating this weekend, and will lovingly allow me to play soft Christmas music every evening, and fall asleep to the light of our Christmas tree in our bedroom (at least I bought a dimmer, ha) every night for the next 38 days. So loving and kind of him, to be sure. But the way more loving and beautiful thing he will do over the next several weeks is fully accept and embrace Christmastime because he is open to seeing things my way. He sincerely loves it and enjoys it by now, even though he was super overwhelmed and only tolerant of it when we were first married.

What a man! It is so easy to lose sight of the fact that he deserves a devoted, intent backrub every night, and then some! But this week, in the first full week of my Christmastime enjoyment, I will try to remember and honor this fact every single night.

Motivation accomplished :)<3 span="">

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  1. Oh, Kate, I absolutely love Christmas and the scene you painted, melted my heart. The short interlude between Thanksgiving and Christmas is also making it hard here. I am going to try to get Hoss to let us get a real tree this year and maybe decorate this coming weekend before Thanksgiving! We usually wait, but I just want to have it done so I do not feel like we are rushing the love, joy and peace we feel at Christmas time! Enjoy your 38 days, my friend!