Thursday, March 5, 2020

We’re All Still Out Here

Hey all. I remember browsing online when we were new to all of this, and seeing how people sort of stopped posting after the first year or so. I remember thinking “yikes, that must be the average lifespan of this lifestyle...?”

That thought made me decide I absolutely had to get back on here and submit at least one new freaking post, for goodness sake. If you are new to this, please know that this lifestyle does not die away after a year or two, it just becomes less of a novelty. Without any intentionality I believe the novelty fading is enough to make a lot of couples stop. But if adopting these roles is a priority for you then it doesn’t fade away.

With two toddlers and highly taxing full time jobs Bruce and I are not as consistent as I’d like, but this dynamic is still undeniably present in our lives. A few times a month he uses DD as a tool to help me STOP ruining the evening or daytime with my emotions, and about once a week I get light(ish) maintenance. He works to lead the family honorably, and he with me on doing what he says when he says (not on my own time). I work to appreciate him and be respectful to him regardless of my current emotions or the kind of day I have had.

Submission is a journey for sure, as is leadership. But we are growing and adapting to the craziness of life, and working to keep these priorities at the forefront. Stay the course friends- mindlessly grating against each other with the ebb and flow of life’s chaos is far inferior to continually working to restore balance, order and harmony in your home. It is a beautiful endeavor and it is worth it!

Even when the novelty wears off :)


  1. I remember discovering Blogland and finding some really amazing blogs that had just been abandoned, or their lives had changed so much they just wandered off, few of them returning. And I was so damn sad and confused lol.
    Having been hardly around at all for the last few years and just now getting back into it, I actually get it--Life happens!

  2. Glad to see you posting! Hugs, Windy