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My husband Bruce and I started living this lifestyle in January of 2015. We'd been married just over five years prior to that; from the beginning we'd both wanted a marriage where he was always the boss, but I was too stubborn and Bruce was too laid back for it to translate. We've always been happy overall, but we are so much happier now than when we were constantly inadvertently fighting for control. (And I thought I ur sex life had been pretty good, but wow is it better now!). We have two babies under the age of two, so life is pretty crazy right now. DD has been intense during this time, but I truly believe it's better than the alternative of not having it!

When people describe me they use words like "opinionated" or "driven." If I set my mind to something, I am going to find a way to make it work; I attended the college of my choice, went to the graduate school of my choice, and got a job in the exact career field I had always planned to work in. I have found my strong personality to be both an advantage and a detriment. Slowly but surely Bruce is helping me to refine the stubbornness a bit ;) Additionally, I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I take medication for it, and the people in my regular life don't know I have it unless I tell them. But internally it is always a struggle for me. Prayer helps a lot, and Bruce helps me fight it as well. DD has actually been a really effective tool in that arena.

I grew up with the understanding that nobody deserves God's grace, and thus nobody is better than anyone else. I believe that the Bible is beautifully accurate and, although some contexts are admittedly confusing, it is all truth. I also believe that humanity is not basically good. Although we wish to be, we are actually selfish, inconsiderate, and weak. This especially includes Christians... it seems that we as believers struggle to stay resolute in the truth while remaining non-judgmental. This is ridiculous, because Christianity is the one context in which those two things should easily coexist! Finally, I believe that society has become so lost that it is difficult to extrapolate which "norms" have been made acceptable or unacceptable out of our self-serving, weak nature.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I'm a busy lady, but I always get around to checking my email, and I love hearing from and corresponding with readers! I will say though, we're committed to living this way and I frankly don't have time to defend this choice beyond the posts in this blog, so please don't waste my time and yours by writing in disagreement to the DD or D/s lifestyle. Happy Reading :) Get this widget


  1. Hello, Kate. This is my first time reading your blog, and your writing is lovely.

    One of my readers asked me if I could message you because she wanted to get in touch. I don't see an email or contact form, so if this is amenable to you, please message me at jasonsgirl001@gmail.com.

    All the best,
    Jason's Girl

    1. Thank you for reading :) I will get in touch soon.